Cosmetics: Red Lipstick

Version 2“There is a shade of red for every woman.” – Audrey Hepburn

History: If you relate lipstick only to women and modernism, then am sorry, you are wrong. First invented in Sumer, that too around 5000 years ago, men and women there used to crush bugs, gemstones and seaweed to make lip colours. Obviously some of those were harmful, ultimately leading to illness or skin disease. Finally, an Arab physician Al-Zahrawi (from the medieval era) invented solid lipsticks. He used to add perfume also while making those colours and that’s why those solid perfumed lipsticks looked much like our modern day lipsticks.

My Suggestion: So, just pick up a shade from a registered brand (otherwise, the shade may cause itching or look just ordinary despite having a bright colour) that blends well with your complexion.

1) Add lip balm or moisturiser to your lips. Leave it for 2 minutes.

2) Take a small amount of talcum powder in your palm. Rub it gently in the lips.

3) Now, open your mouth a little.

2) Using a lipliner make a outline along the border of your lips (here I didn’t use any lipliner though).

3) Fill up the inner circle with lipstick and then a lipgloss to give it a glossy feel.


Lipstick Details: Deborah Milano, Rossetto ATOMIC RED Mat 05

Lipgloss Details: Revlon Colorburst 018 Fire Feu

Positive: 1) You will look good, both in photo and face to face.

                  2) Best for a party or a date.

Negative: Only One. Since lipgloss is used here, so it would vanish as soon as you start eating or drinking. 


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