A dish made with Radish leaves and Plantain peels

DSC01541COOKED (just now): Mulo pata + Kachh kola’r khosha bata (A paste made with Radish leaves & Plantain peels)

BACKDROP: Ideally radish leaves & plantain peels should not be mixed…They are supposed to be cooked separately to make this dish, though here the process is same…Here I mixed up both coz today in the morning, I found a little radish leaves & 7-8 plantain peels are left in my Freeze…So why to waste both ? When a delicious preparation could be made ? wink emoticon

RECIPE: First pressure cook radish leaves + plantain peels..Mash up in Mixer machine, with garlic & green chilly..Then, add onion seeds in hot mustard oil, followed by adding these mashed up stuff of plantain & radish leaves…Add turmeric powder + salt..Mix up properly till this picture forms…Its ready grin emoticon

HEALTH VALUE: Since its scientifically proven that most of the vitamins stay in the peels of any vegetables (here plantain) + Green leaves are rich source of Vitamin A, C & K, hence this dish can boost your immune system.

P.S. Peyajkoli flowers used for decoration


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