My cat..who is no more.

I can remember the first time you stole my ‘Kheer’ (rice pudding), left open in the dinner table..unattended, on one fine morning of 23rd December,2001…From the very next year I noticed that you used to stare at my Kheer on this day…Then you used to jump at my lap & we used to share our Kheer together..Without cuddling you, my days used to be incomplete…Can you please come again, jump into my lap, lick my palm & then, sleep in my lap once again, just like you used to do earlier ? On this day, I want you back my child, for one more time…Can u please gift me your presence once again ?
For today…for me, don’t stay in the sky…Wanna pat on your small head, just once…See, my Kheer is still there…Its waiting for you !!IMAG0367


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