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Valentine’s Day..it was

Needle is interesting. A skinny little girl who can terrify muscular adults if denied attention.

And, creates wonder when given ample attention.

Saree, Sweater and ?

And, that was one thing…

January end, 2007. Was taking clothes from husband’s wardrobe to get them ironed. Noticed a pant. His favourite one. A little worn out on left side.

Took the niddle. Repaired.

Took a paper. Drew heart shape. Wrote “My Heart Pants For You.” Put it in the fold of the repaired pant.

And, eagerly waited for his reaction.

No reaction.

Checked the pant after a few days. Still untouched.

Stopped checking after another few days.

14th February reached. Not a big deal, we rarely celebrate it.

Oiled my hair. Jovees Bhringraj Oil. Time to bath. Time for dusting before the bath.

Duster on my right hand. Drawing room done. Now, bedroom.

One painting, small TV and a wooden dressing table.

Barely, one second gap after hitting the duster on the side rack of dressing table.

Amidst those small wooden showpieces,

That same paper which I kept in his pant…

Now, his handwriting, under my handwriting,

“Wood you be my Valentine ?”